Appendix 1 - Lot Registry
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Lots 1-199
Lots 200-399
Lots 400-599
Lots 600-799
Lots 800-999
Lots 1000-1211


Registry of Lots of Material Recovered

(giving the location from which each lot was recovered)

               Material listed here is located in the warehouse of the  Centro Regional de Quintana Roo, INAH, Chetumal, Mexico. 

Notes for sherd lot register:    

    Pit=0 and Level=0 is a surface collection    
    Pit=n and Level=0 is material from the surface of the pit n    
    Pit=n and Level=99 is material from several levels of the pit.

Temple 8 consolidation produced many 'surface' collection lots which are keyed to a local 2-m-by-2-m grid. See Appendix 5 for a key.


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