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International air connections are available through Cancun. 

Muyil is accessible by car or bus.

Muyil is about 10 miles south of Tulum (village and archaeological site) on Federal Highway 307 which passes through the site.  By car it is 90 miles south of Cancun and 132 miles north of Chetumal.

The site is open seven days per week, with a security guard present. There are no services at the site.

The hamlet near the site is called "Chunyaxche."  If you find Chunyaxche, you have arrived at Muyil.

Lastly, it is possible to obtain a boat and guide at the Villas Boca Paila (drive south along the shoreline road from Tulum to get there) and then take the boat from Boca Paila up Cayo Venado (Deer Creek) to Xlahpak, across the Chunyaxche lagoon, 500 yards northwestward along a 6'-wide channel into the Muyil lagoon, and across the Muyil lagoon to the site.

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